Migrating From Older Versions to atmosphere media player© 6+

1. Content migration

Existing atmosphere content must be re-processed for the atmosphere media player© 6+. The delivered MovieUpdater app allows the user to select a directory for processing. When ‘apply’ is selected, the entire contents beneath that directory is updated as follows:

1. The content is rotated by 90 degrees to match the new display requirements (only movies with resolution1920x1080 will be rotated)
2. An audio silent track is inserted into all video only movies. The is required for AV synchronization in OS X.
Note: The MovieUpdater application is a 32-bit process using older OS X APIs to add the silence to the movies. This ties up the main thread on OS X for the duration of writing files. For this reason the system may temporarily become unresponsive. It is not advisable to migrate the content in a single take but to migrate it in groups of files such as how the library is organized around Ambient, Moods, Music etc.

Note: Back up all content before running the MovieUpdater application.

Note: The maximum silence that can be added to a movie is 120 minutes.

2. Desktop Set-Up

With atmosphere media player 6, the internal screen mapping has been removed. Correct OS X desktop arrangement is now a prerequisite.

The desktop must be constructed left to right as follows:
Main OS X screen no rotation (Screen with the Dock and Menu bar at the top)
4 main display screens at 90° rotation, physical display order matching the screen set-up in Preferences.
For convenience the delivered MovieUpdater app can rotate the display screens to 90 degrees.